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Coosa Valley Football  is a Non-Profit Youth Football, Cheerleading and Danceline, organization comprised of 6 East Alabama Public High School and communities. Teams from Alexandria,  Heflin,  Piedmont, Stemley, Ohatchee and White Plains, compete each Saturday during the season. Coosa Valley consists of a "All Volunteer" civic minded group of local citizens who wish to donate their time and energy for the benefit of all who wish to participate. Each organization must run a back ground check on all their coaches and sponsors.  Any coach, sponsor, parent or spectator who causes a public disturbance at a Coosa Valley Game will be arrested and prosecuted. There are no restrictions imposed on participation in regards to race, color, or creed.  This is indeed open to everyone within the public school boundaries.  However, the child must be enrolled in the public school or be a Home Study Student in the School district that they are participating for. Coosa Valley has ZERO tolerance for violence or the threat of violence. This means if you have a child on one of the football, cheerleading or danceline squads and you cause problems that Coosa Valley determines that leads to violence or the threat of, Your child will be removed from the program.


As the 2018 season comes to a close, the officers of Coosa Valley would like to thank all the coaches, sponsers, players,chreerleaders and dance lines for their work and effort this season.A special thanks goes to the parents for getting their kids to practice, working the chains, helping their program where ever needed. I know there were lots of things you could have done on Saturday, but I promise you as the years go by and you look back the memories will last you a lifetime. From all the officers of Coosa Valley, we hope you have a great Thanksgiving, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and may God Bless. 







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