Coosa Valley Game & Football Rules




                                                    GAME RULES
              All league games played are under high school rules with the following exceptions:
(1)  Over weight players, on offence can play as tackle, guard or center  only in the down position, On defense can play on the line in the  down position but not as defense ends. On kick off returns can  play on the front line only. All over weight players will have a  sticker place on their helmets at weight-in. 
(2)    Point after attempts, if kicked, count as 2 points, otherwise, it  counts  as 1 point.  (Jr. B Boys if kicked no rush) Point after attempts, if passed, or kicked count as 2 points, otherwise, it counts as 1 point.  (Midgets, Pee-Wee Boys if kicked no rush)  

(3)    Eight minute quarters for Jr B and Pee-Wee, six minute quarters for Midgets. (6 coaches on the sidelines for Jr-B & Pee-Wee) 

All Coaches on the sidelines must have a Coosa Valley Gate Pass on)
(4)    There will be no Kick Offs on the Midget and Pee-Wee Teams.  The ball will be spotted on the 30 yard line.  There will be no Punts on the Midget and Pee-wee teams, the ball will be a 25 yard mark off.  One coach may be on the field  with  the Midgets.  No punt on the Midgets and Pee-Wee teams can not be spotted  inside  a teams own 20 yard line.  Once the line is set, coaches should be quiet.  Coaches on the field with the Midget team must be positioned 5 yards  behind  the backfield.  No Player who is a starter on the Midget team  can play in the Widget game.  The Widget game is for players who don’t get to play in the Midget game, it’s a starter program, not another Team.
(5)    No game will end in a tie.  1st overtime from the 10 yard line, 2nd  from  the 5 yard line.
(6)    Home teams are responsible for paying the official referees, and having Adults to run the chains and to operate the P.A. system.  The chains will   operator from the home sideline. Referees are to be paid by half-time of the last game. 
(7)    Visiting teams will be responsible in making sure their jersey color is different from the home team.
(8)    The jersey number system will be used .
(9)    Midget and Pee-Wee teams must use a Wilson K-2  football.   Jr-B must use a Wilson TDJ  football. (Complies with AHSAA rules.)
(10)    No tobacco products will be allowed on the field.
(11)    Host Team must have a Police Officer at their games.
                                           Age & Weight Limits for Midgets Teams
The Midget league is limited to children ages 5,6, and 7 years of age. Eight year olds who will be 8  before August 1, 2018, will not be allowed on a Midget team. There is a 95 lb weight limit for all players on the Midget Team, except for backs and ends that are designated ball carriers who must be 80 lbs. or less. This means no ball carrying positioning (ends, backs, safety, or punters).If a player is over weight they can still play but only in certain positions ( See game rules for more information.)

                                     Age & Weight Limits for Pee-Wee Teams
The Pee-Wee league is limited to children ages 8 and 9 years old.  Ten year olds who will be 10  before August 1, 2018, will not be allowed on the Pee-Wee team. There is a 130 lb. weight limit except for backs and ends that are designated ball carriers (100 lbs or less for them).  This means no ball carrying positioning (ends, backs, safety, or punters).If a player is over weight they can still play but only in certain positions ( See game rules for more information.)

                                            Age & Weight Limits for Jr-B Teams

This league is for children ages 10,11and 12.  Twelve year olds cannot be 13 before August 1, 2017.  All Players must be enrolled in the school they play for, but if the child in the 7th grade they must play on the High School 7th and 8th grade Team. There is a 155 lb. weight limit except for backs and ends that are designated ball carriers who must be 120 lbs or less. This means no ball carrying positioning (ends, backs, safety, or punters). The extra point kicker, if he is over 120 lbs cannot run or throw the ball If a player is over weight they can still play but only in certains position ( See game rules for more information.)


                                                   FOOTBALL PRACTICE

July 30th and the 31st in  Shorts and helmets only,  practicing in pads can start on August 2nd , 2018 . There will be no football practice on Wednesday’s or Sunday’s, and once’s High School Football Season starts, there will be no practice on Varsity game days. Practice should be for approximately 2 hours and NO practice after 8:00 pm. Water breaks ever 15 to 20 minutes.
                                                         WEIGH IN
Weigh-in will be held the day of the Jamboree Game by the Weigh-in committee.  Each team will report to a League Officer at the designated weigh-in area 1 hour before their designated game time.  Weigh-in scales will be furnished by the league.

NOTE TO ALL COACHES:  It is strongly suggested that you check the weight of your players, due to the fact there will be no running a player in plastic bags, diet pills, or any other means that would endanger the welfare of the child.  COACHES you have had  weeks to get your  players ready for the weigh-in.  Please be ready and on time.

(1)    A Coosa Valley League Officers must be present at all weigh-in’s.
(2)    Must have your team roster. Printed or typed (players will be weighed in the order of your roster)
(3)    Must have birth certificates that complies with AHSAA rules.
(4)    Each player must be wearing their game jersey and  this number or numbers must be used for the season.
(5)    A video tape will be made of each player.
(6)    All players, in order to be eligible, must be at the weigh-in.
(7)    If a player cannot be at the Jamboree that their team plays, they must have a letter from their parent stating  why, and be weighed on August 15th,, 2018 at 6:30 pm at the Heflin Park and Recreation Center.
(8)   Copies of the forms will be given out for weigh-in. Fill out everything except for the space for weight and BC.  A Coosa Valley       Officer will fill  those in at the weigh-in.
(9)    All coaches are welcome to come to all weigh-ins and watch, we ask  that everyone be quiet. If you have questions, we will be glad to Address them.
(10)  Copies of all Weigh-ins will be given to all head coaches at the Coosa Valley  meeting on August 23rd , 2017.
                                                     RULES TO LIVE BY
(1)    No Fighting or Cursing in the presence of your players.
(2)    No Drinking or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs in  the presence of  your  players.
(3)    Not shaking hands after the game with the opposing coach or players.
(4)    No Running up the score.  After a 24 point lead, Both teams must substitute players offense and  defense. This means you should have your second string in the game. The two head Coaches are to meet before the game and discuss what to do after a 24 point lead,  so that each team can pull their best players so there will not be a problem. If you need a time out to make your subs then take one.  Any game in question of this rule will be viewed on video tape for evaluation and determination. If  a head coach is guilty of this rule, He will be suspended for the next game and if it happens  again he will have to go before the Rules Committee.The team that has a 24 point lead will be the winner no matter the final score.
(5)    No Making a spectacle of yourself with the referees.  The Head Coach should call a time out and talk to the referee about the call, and that should be the end of it.  Assistant Coaches should keep their mouth shut. If a Coach is ejected from a game by the referees he will removed from Coaching.
(6)     Jersey numbering system for all Coosa Valley teams: All players who were  over Ball caring weigh, at weigh in, must have numbers 50 thru 79, any  player on  offence, who lines up in any ball caring position, must have a  number 1 thru 49  or 80 thru 99. On the Offensive line any player who lines  up as a tackle, guard or center must  have a number 50 thru 79. On the kick  off receiving team only  the front line can be players who were over ball  caring weight. On defense only  linemen and linebacker can be over ball  caring weight, corner backs and  safety. Players can not be over ball caring  weight. Punters can not be over ball  caring weight. Players who kick off,  field goals and P.A.T.’s can be over ball  weight but can not advance the football by running or passing it.

In the event a coach feels another team is playing an ineligible player, he may challenge that player by notifying the coach at the game, then take a picture of that player with his jersey on. If a coach feels any team or coach is in violation of the rules set by the Coosa Valley Football Association, he must notify the Rules Chairman  by the following Monday once he becomes aware of a violation. The Rules Chairman will then meet with the rules committee and present their findings to the rest of the League Officers and together they will make a determination and call a special meeting with all parties involved.

A team found guilty of violating the rules may result in the following:
(1) Forfeiture of that game or games,  (2 )Placed on probation  
(3) No player on the team will be allowed to make All Conference.
(4) Removal from the league.


Four (4) referees will call the three games, and 1 referee will run the clock. These referees will be furnished by East Alabama Official Association and will be scheduled for each team's home games by the league.  The home team will pay $480.00 to the referees for calling the three games.  The EAOA contact is : Mike Manning telephone (256) 310-6569 (Cell)   


                                       GAME TIMES & ADMISSION
Regular Season Game Times:                          Admission
   Midget       10:00 a.m.                 Adults                $5.00
   Pee-Wee    11:15 a.m.                 Students            $3.00
   Jr.-B Teams 12:30 p.m.                Pre-School         FREE
There is no admission for Team Players, Cheerleaders, Danceline, Coaches, Cheerleader Sponsors, or Dance Line Sponsors with Gate Passes.  No gate pass for the Jamboree games. All Coaches & Sponsor Must wear their Gate Passes anytime they are on the field starting August 25th  2018.


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